Hurricane Sandy Effects on Tottenville, NY, Natural Hazard Mitigation Planning using GIS Mapping

Poster Presentation Competition Showcasing ‘Hurricane Sandy Effects on Tottenville, NY: Natural Hazard Mitigation Planning using GIS Mapping’ at the Celebratory Event of GIS Day 2023, Organized by the University of Miami

Authors: Sandesh Lamsal, Kylee Rux, Abdullah Rahmatullah, Gustavo Aguilar


In October 2012, one of the most destructive hurricanes in U.S. history made landfall, referred to as Superstorm Sandy. Tottenville, NY was exposed storm surge levels of 14 feet. Following the hurricane, a national competition was launched for climate change adaptation projects. One of the selected projects was the Staten Island Living Breakwaters Project. GIS mapping was applied to pre-storm and post-storm data to assess the impacts of Hurricane Sandy and to evaluate the benefits of implementing a breakwater structure. GIS maps offered valuable insights. Tottenville’s southeast coast, consisting of high home values and concentrations of buildings, experienced significant damage. Results concerning the socio-economic landscape revealed disparities in median household income. Additional GIS maps depicted the effectiveness of breakwater structures, highlighting the potential of breakwaters for coastal protection and climate resilience. Ultimately, GIS offered visual representations and played an essential role in assessing the effect of Hurricane Sandy.

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