This page contains a details and tutorial on courses I have taught in the past and present.

University of Miami

CAE 313: Structural System II CAE 313, Teaching Assistant, Spring 2024
CAE 310: Structural Analysis, Teaching Assistant, Fall 2023

Texas Tech University

CE 2301: Statics, Teaching Assistant, Spring 2022
CE 2101: Construction Materials Laboratory, Teaching Assistant, Spring 2022

Steel Warehouse Design addressing Wind Load and Earthquake Load

This tutorial was made in 2019 and is in the Nepali language. It was created during a training session for students. The tutorial covers the design of a steel warehouse, with a focus on analyzing the effects of wind and earthquake loads.

In Nepal we use Indian Standard IS-875 for wind load which is the standard in India for design loads (other than earthquake) for buildings and structures. Basic wind speed as applicable to 10 m height above mean ground level for different zones in the country can be directly calculated if the proper value is defined in the Wind Zone Number box. Indian Standard IS-1893 Part 1 2016 along with NBC2020 is used for earthquake load analysis. The standard provides the minimum design force for earthquake resistant design of special structures (such as large and tall buildings, large and high dams, long-span bridges and major industrial projects).

Here are my YouTube tutorials:

Civil 3D Tutorials: Importing Point Data, Creating TIN Surface, Watershed Analysis, Road Alignment, and Profile View Creation

This tutorial was made in 2020 and is in English. It was created during a training session for students. The tutorial covers the use of Civil 3D for importing point data, creating TIN surfaces, watershed analysis, road alignment, and profile view creation.